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To be part of such a momentous time in a couples love story is an honour and a privilege. It is my goal to ensure that each celebration is worthy of the first moments of marriage, and that it is enjoyed with close friends and family. Following my heart and choosing to pursue a career in wedding planning and floral design has allowed me to combine my natural proficiency in organization, while also pushing me creatively.

I live in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, where the best of all four seasons are experienced to the fullest. My background in residential care and providing occupational therapy for the elderly has inspired a love of hearing each individual's unique life story - I think it's a treasure to hear what path each person has taken to where they are now. My husband and I are high school sweethearts, and have been together for over 10 years. He is my biggest encourager and can't imagine where I would be without him. Two years ago, we adopted our sweet little pup, Cofy. She's brought so much warmth and light into our lives, although she definitely still has a feisty side, haha. On the weekends, we love to play board games, head to a nearby coffee shop, or go skiing.

There is so much more to talk about and I can't wait to meet you!



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“Having Kaitlyn involved in our wedding planning process, and our big day was an absolute pleasure. She is tremendously passionate, professional, and organized which makes for a very at-ease bride and groom. Something that meant a great deal to myself was that our wedding coordinator shared a similar taste in design and style. I felt extremely confident that Kaitlyn and I were on the same page for basically everything! She has a keen eye for detail in every sense, and collaborating with her was a delight. Kaitlyn was impressively intuitive. She often knew what I wanted before I knew I wanted it, read between the lines, and was a great listener - which I believe is what every nervous bride needs. Our wedding day was absolutely beautiful, and flawlessly orchestrated. Kaitlyn created memorable moments for my groom and I that if it were not for her initiating them, they wouldn’t have happened. She was attentive toward us throughout the entire day, fixing our attire and feeding us water on a what turned out to be a very hot day – she like a fairy godmother.  I would wholeheartedly recommend hiring Kaitlyn Ellis Events for your wedding. Knowing that the expected and unexpected will be taken care of is a feeling that is beyond priceless.”


"Kaitlyn is one to make your wedding dreams come true.  Full of genuine interest and passion with attention to detail she pours out her heart into everything she does. She has become one of my dear friends not only in the wedding industry but also on a personal level. One I love to connect with over a cup of tea, chatting weddings, life and more."


"My husband and I had a short engagement, and I don't mean 6 months to a year short, I mean 3.5 months to plan a 200+ person wedding, so sufficed to say I was stressed. I had the help of my family so we were able to get lots done fairly quickly but there were still lots of details regarding my ceremony that were undone and I really was lost as to how to make it that beautiful setting I had pictured. Then enter Kaitlyn Ellis Events. After one meeting with Kaitlyn my stress was literally cut in half. She helped me find the vendors I needed, get in touch with them, create a solid plan and then diligently followed up with me to make sure everything was accomplished. Then she perfectly executed the setup and takedown of my 300 person outdoor ceremony. She did an amazing job start to finish and I can honestly say out of all the vendors I used for my wedding, Kaitlyn most impressed me and I would recommend her services to any bride! 110% satisfaction, I honestly couldn't have been more happy with the beautiful job she did for me. Thank you so much Kaitlyn!"