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Almost 5 years ago, a local company was hiring an associate event planner. It wasn't a career path I had considered up until this point. While planning my own wedding, I was enjoying the creative aspect along with the large organizational component (my friends call it OCD). With that, I decided to take a leap of faith and applied to the company! After a year, however, the company declared bankruptcy. Right then I discovered my passion was not only in wedding planning and design, but in the individual care for couples and their stories. I couldn't bring myself to leave them without a planner, so began freelancing on my own. It grew what into Kaitlyn Ellis Events is today - I get to plan and design wedding days worthy of the first moments of marriage.

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During the months leading up to my own wedding, I wish I hadn't gotten caught up in the materialistic side of planning. There were so many preventable stressors that weren't seen until after. I want to be the grounding person for you during the planning process, along with designing a wedding completely reflective of you, as a couple. The wedding day, beyond the Pinterest inspiration, is really the first part of a marriage, and my goal is to bring back that honour and joy of a lifelong commitment. You deserve to spend quality time with your fiancé all the way up to the day itself, and most of all, to make memories on your wedding day. While getting published or winning awards can be a huge honour, my first goal as your planner and designer is to curate a story-driven wedding that feels like home. 

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I learn about who both of you are, both as individuals and together, on a day-to-day basis. Those characteristics are at the forefront of all decisions to ensure the wedding is intentionally designed an reflects you. My goal is for guests to feel like the celebration is so "insert your names", and for you to feel like your wedding cannot be topped or replicated. You are always updated and involved in all decisions, as this often sets the design apart from the others. Together, we can replace the logistical stress of planning alone with creative support. Throughout the nitty-gritty of planning, my heart is to foster your love and excitement during your entire engagement, and set the stage for a beautiful marriage. Because you have a story worth telling.