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To be part of such a momentous time in a couples love story is an honour and a privilege. It is my goal to ensure that each celebration is worthy of the first moments of marriage, and that it is enjoyed with close friends and family. Following my heart and choosing to pursue a career in wedding planning and floral design has allowed me to combine my natural proficiency in organization, while also pushing me creatively.

I live in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, where the best of all four seasons are experienced to the fullest. My background in residential care and providing occupational therapy for the elderly has inspired a love of hearing each individual's unique life story - I think it's a treasure to hear what path each person has taken to where they are now. My husband and I are high school sweethearts, and have been together for over 10 years. He is my biggest encourager and can't imagine where I would be without him. Two years ago, we adopted our sweet little pup, Cofy. She's brought so much warmth and light into our lives, although she definitely still has a feisty side, haha. On the weekends, we love to play board games, head to a nearby coffee shop, or go skiing.

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what we love about our clients



They love to travel and experience things with their fiancé. Experience and people always trump material things. They love discovering new cultures and supporting local businesses. 



They aren't over the top in any area of life. They love to shop just as much as they love spending time with family over Sunday dinner. Morning coffee is something they enjoy more than anything, and because of their quiet self-confidence and down to earth personality, they can talk with anyone and are a joy to be around.



They are not looking for a cookie cutter wedding or to follow the latest trends. They love to express their style throughout multiple areas or life, whether it's in their home or weekend activities.



They have strong character and individual ideals. They are caring for others, sincere when they speak, and feel no need to put on a front for anyone. Their forgiving nature comes through in all relationships.



They are not overly glam or drawn to loud colours. They love neutrals with a pop of jewel or nature inspired tones. Their creative eye is drawn naturally towards meaningful details in life, and that’s what they want for their big day.



They have a strong family bond and close group of friends. They aren't looking for a wedding planner to navigate family drama, but rather someone who understands the deep care for those around them.

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On a wedding day, she is responsible for executing the ceremony and reception design. Ensuring every fork is straight and candle lit. Her eye for detail is impeccable, and there is a certain passion evoked knowing that it’s all to celebrate two people madly in love. When she’s not working in the wedding industry, you can find her getting her hands dirty and exploring a variety of careers in the trades. She also enjoys singing and is at the beach whenever possible.


Can you tell we’re related? This woman inspired my passion to pursue the art of floral design and is the reason it became such a large part of the KEE experience. For over 20 years, she has been creating beautiful arrangements and is a huge asset for our couples. We’re constantly having fun working with different ingredients, which means her favourite flower changes on a weekly basis. If she’s not designing, you can find her binge watching the latest Netflix series, or exploring new entrepreneurial adventures.


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