Building A Budget - The Cost Of An Okanagan Wedding

Let me start by saying, there are certainly a large range of wedding budgets and everyone is entitled to their own aesthetics and approach to planning. This post is in relation to the weddings you see commonly at KEE and the cost of creating them.

Congratulations! You’re newly engaged and excited start planning. You bypass the budget and start looking into venues and photographers. After receiving a few quotes, you begin to wonder how much is this wedding going to cost? A quick Google search brings up $30,000 and that number may be shocking. Unfortunately, that number doesn’t factor in other key variables such as the location or guest count. So, let’s start at the beginning and break it down.

  • What number scares you? I always find that number to be a good starting point.

  • Talk with your family and determine who will be contributing to the wedding budget. Are you paying yourselves? Is family contributing? Establish a comfortable number right out of the gate.

  • Determine your priorities. What are the 3 things that are most important to you and your fiancé? Allocate what is necessary to achieve your expectations in your chosen categories and find ways to cut back in others.

  • Compile your guest list. Even before looking at venues, you need to know how many people are expected to be there. Remember, more guests equals more money.

Now that you’ve got a more accurate starting point, let’s create a custom budget for you. This can be a simple word or excel document - it doesn’t need to be pretty. Below are the main vendor categories along with the approx. percentage of your budget that should be allocated to said vendor. Remember, these may change slightly based on what areas were determined as your top 3 priorities.

wedding planner - 10% | $6500

beauty - 2% | $500 (bride only)

venue - 10% | $5000

officiant - 1% | $300

*Government regulated officiants charge a standard rate. However, if you are looking into celebrants, the cost will vary.

photographer - 5% | $5000

cinematographer - 5% | $4000

florals - 8% | $3500

catering and bar - 30% | $10,000

*If purchasing, majority of couples opt for a toonie bar to recoup the costs.

cake - 2% | $500

entertainment - 10% | $3000

transportation - 4% | $1250

rentals and decor - 10% | $5000

stationery: 3% | $1500

The adjacent monetary value is what a KEE couple spends (on average) and it totals $46,050.

So, what do you think? Money can be stressful, and that’s exactly why I wanted to share this information with you. It’s important to start the planning process off on the right foot because the excitement can quickly turn into stress. Take a moment to step back and ensure your vision is in line with what you can realistically spend. And remember, in the end it’s your marriage that matters most.


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