The Design Series Part 4 - Choosing The Right Pieces and Ways To Save

You have a grasp on your vision, but no idea where to start in terms of decor. KEE couples have the privilege of being provided with custom sketches created by a contracted graphic designer. This gives them the most realistic version of what both their ceremony and tablescape will look like. But, if you choose not to hire a planner or designer, you then have to determine the best way to choose pieces that are fitting for your celebration. Visualizing is not a skill that all posses, so this portion of planning a wedding may be completely out of your comfort zone and feel overwhelming. With that said, I want to provide a few options so you can breathe a sigh of relief and feel excited about what the day is going to look like!

  • Keep your ceremony simple. This is going to be one of the most memorable moments of your life, and in my personal opinion, it shouldn't be one distracted by a busy design or excess decor. Pillars and archways are tried and true backdrops that are not only beautiful, but highlight the two of you in the moment and bring focus to the love you have for one another. Fortunately, there are also so many options available that although your concept is similar, the outcome most likely be unique.

Photography:  Jenna Hill Photography
Photography:  Adrian Photographers
  • Use necessary rentals as a design opportunity. Every wedding requires plates, napkins, flatware, and glassware for dinner service, and there are SO many options available for your tabletop to really shine without breaking the bank. Napkins are one of the simplest ways to incorporate your colour palette and also show a bit of personality in terms of how you fold it. Cutlery also packs a design punch. Gone are the days of basic silverware, you can now choose from gold, rose gold, colour dipped, and the list goes on and on. Have some fun here, you need it anyway! Lastly, as much as my go-to is a standard water goblet and wine glass, there are some really fun vintage goblet options that give visual interest and texture to the table, and also provide the option to amp up the colour.

Photography:  Jenna Hill Photography
  • Collaborate with industry professionals. Believe it or not, we know a thing or two! Many of the rentals companies offer a storefront location that showcase inventory they have available for rent. Not only are you able to view their pieces, but they may also accommodating to table mockups. Meaning, if you are planning to rent from said company, they’ll be there to help bring your vision to life and pull together the pieces you’re drawn to. This will allow you to see how everything works together, and modify if it doesn’t quite look quite as you envisioned. *If you’re planning from afar, I recommend taking stock photos from the website and creating a document where you can place them beside/above/below one another to see how they work together.

  • Custom stationery, enough said. Without a doubt, the easiest way to incorporate personality. Purchasing from Vista Print or Minted is most definitely a cost-effective option, but showing your inspiration and connecting with a graphic designer results in a truly unique celebration, and offers a small heirloom to hold onto. If you don’t have the largest budget, at minimum you need a seating chart, table numbers, and place cards, so why not look into the cost difference and decide if it’s worth it for you. In the photo above, we used custom stationery to incorporate a golden snitch among the confetti, a small ode to their love of Harry Potter.

  • Talk with your florist. They are a wealth of creativity and knowledge. Almost every bride is head over heels for peonies, unfortunately they have a pretty short life and are only available in May/June. Make sure to open your vision up to alternative options. We’re lucky to have a variety of floral farms in the Okanagan that offer beautiful flowers and greenery that not only support their passion, but will save you money and result in a higher quality bouquet or arrangement. They may also have a fun design concept floating around in their head and just need the right couple to execute it for. Flowers are a large piece of the design puzzle, and have the ability to really transform a space, so make sure to utilize their service to the fullest extent.

Quick Save Tips:

  1. Choose votives over pillar candles.

  2. Omit charger plates and use a standard dinner plate instead.

  3. Opt to showcase flowers in bud vases versus a centrepiece and/or use lots of greenery.

  4. Embrace what is provided by your venue.

  5. If you want to offer favours, double them as place cards.

*If possible, do not cut costs on your linen or chairs. These items take up the most visual space and are pertinent to the comfort of your guests.

With excitement, I am also announcing that Kaitlyn Ellis Events will be accepting design clients for the 2020 wedding season! This will be stand alone from planning and floral services and includes: a design questionnaire, inspiration gathering, mood board creation, linen sourcing, tabletop rentals, floral styling and selection, couture stationery selection, design direction and presentation, as well as installation and breakdown. Who else is excited?! Let’s create a celebration worthy of the first moments of your marriage!