One On One with Botany & Co.

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Two days was not nearly enough time with the talented Lauren of Botany & Co. I genuinely wish it could have been two weeks. 

Our first morning began with coffee and a visit to the flower market, which is basically heaven on earth. After that, we prepped at The Aviary - a beautiful space that fosters creativity. During the prep, Lauren shared knowledge on the care of specific flowers, including how much water they require, typical life cycle and other tips. Honestly, knowledge that I didn't expect to review, but am so grateful for. 

Once everything was prepped, it was time for the fun. I vividly remember Lauren asking me to show her how I currently create a bouquet, and friends, it wasn't pretty. My previous method consisted of taking the largest flower(s) and working my way around. On the plus side, according to Lauren I had mastered the art of rotating the bouquet as I worked, but little did I know that a bouquet needs to start with a greenery base. As someone who appreciates to have as much control as possible, I can tell you that creating a greenery base that consists of free flowing stems does not come easy. It takes time to accept that it will not stay the way you want it, but that's part of the beauty. Once you have that, it feels natural. Adding in the fillers, mass flowers and focal flowers until you get the end result and go "damn, I made that". While creating the first bouquet, I also found my new favourite variety of rose - quicksand. How gorgeous is that creamy blush going on?! And the way they open and you flip the petals, incredible. Let's also take a moment to admire the insane amount of ruffles happening in the peonies, I mean come on!!  

Floral Design: Kaitlyn Ellis Events 

Mentor: Botany & Co. 

Photography: Christine Pienaar Photography

Venue: The Aviary

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Process: a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve the particular end

The creative process is something special. As much as Lauren was teaching me, I also began to form my own style. Now, this comes with trial and error and certainly isn't something that happens in two days, but it is interesting to see. Unfortunately, I still overthink A LOT and Lauren would have to constantly ask what was going on in my head as I just stared at whatever I was working on. 

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Kelowna Anemone Bouquet
Okanagan Bridal Bouquet
Penticton Wedding Florist

This next arrangement is hands down my favourite floral piece EVER. Anyone need an escape to a tropical paradise? Grab your mimosa, play the sounds of waves crashing and come with me. I had been dying to work with king protea and it was the inspiration for the entire piece - pulling out the fuchsia and yellow tones, while adding gorgeous coral snapdragons and peach garden roses. Along with the gorgeous monstera and relaxed peppercorn fern, it turned out even better then I anticipated. Now, large arrangements are not something that I create on a regular basis, so this was a great learning experience and Lauren provided quite a bit of guidance, especially at the very end. I wanted more height on the left side but could not figure out how to achieve it. Apparently, just add a rose stem to to the monstera leaf and ta da! Who knew? It is these small bits of knowledge that are going to come in so handy as I continue on with my passion for floral design. 

Tropical Wedding Floral Arrangement Kelowna
Colorful Floral Arrangement Kelowna
Colourful Floral Arrangment Vernon
Tropical Floral Arrangement Penticton Florist
Okanagan Wedding Florist
Okanagan Wedding Boutonnieres
Okanagan Wedding Flower Combs

Classic boutonnieres and floral combs for the win! Honestly, I'm completely obsessed that mother of the brides are choosing to wear floral combs opposed to corsages. A trend I am totally on board with. Plus, they were super fun to make! 

Kelowna Wedding Flower Crown

Last, but certainly not least, the flower crown. I can now confidently say I understand as to why these bad boys cost so much. It's not the flowers, it's the labour! In order to properly create a flower crown there is so much prep involved - primarily wiring and taping individual flowers. You might be saying then why do it? Just add them as you go. Because, it's necessary. Without that step, the flowers are likely to break and fall off, which when you are creating something so beautiful, why would you want to risk the damage? I can't wait for the opportunity to make one for a special bride. Hopefully, in the near future! 

Thanks for spending a piece of your Sunday with me, friend! I appreciate all your love and support. And, if you are ever on the hunt for a florist, make sure to give this girl a call ;) 


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