The Design Series Part 2 - Creating A Visual Guide

You’re feeling inspired and have all these ideas swirling around in your head, but how are you going to communicate them with your vendors? This is where Pinterest comes into play. Now that you have an idea of the overall feel you’re going for, and what elements you want to incorporate into the wedding, it’s going to serve you so much better. Instead of simply looking up “wedding ideas”, you’ll be able to get more specific. For example, searching “mixed neutral bridesmaid dresses” or “burgundy bohemian ceremony” is going to be a more successful search, and leave you feeling excited to bring the vision to life (not rolling your eyes at the endless photos of kraft paper and wood stumps). It’s also time to go through the 500 screenshots you have on your phone, because I know they’re there. After you’ve sourced images that resonate with you and culled down the screenshots, it’s time to put them together.

Elements to Include:

  • Stationery and/or Signage

  • Floral

  • Ceremony

  • Reception and/or Tablescape

  • Wedding Party Attire

  • Texture

  • Emotion

DO NOT GO CRAZY! It’s important to really hone in on your vision during this phase, and avoid replicating something that’s already been done. The more images you save and share, the less cohesive it’s likely to become, and harder for vendors to interpret. My recommendation is approximately 10 images, and I’ve included an example below :)


Not every image needs to mean something, but it should tie into the main concept and tell a story. This leaves the perfect amount of creative space to allow your vendors to do what they do best. If you restrict their talent, the result won’t feel as personalized. Trust! You hired them for a reason. And, always make sure to share your love story, because it could spark an idea.

There are so many other sources in addition to Pinterest, so don’t feel limited. Follow your favourite designer on Instagram, pickup the latest issues of Martha Stewart Weddings at Chapters, or creep a friend of a friend’s wedding album on Facebook - I won't judge, haha.


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