The Design Series Part 5 - Creating Your Dream Okanagan Wedding

It’s the last post in our design series! What?! It’s been so fun providing insight into my approach when it comes to bringing a vision to fruition. Now, I want to take you through the entirety of my process and give you a sense on what it’s like to create a couple’s dream wedding from start to finish.

1. The Design Questionnaire

We touched on this in the very first post, but it really is the most important. I want to get to know who you are both individually, and together. This is about creating a sense of trust between one another - knowing that I’m not simply trying to expand my portfolio or be featured on a certain blog, it’s genuinely about creating something reflective of the love you share for one another. We discuss what your favourite memories are together, and what you wear on a daily basis. These type of questions are telling and allow me to infuse your wedding with as many personal anecdotes as possible. The more detail, the better. A couple almost left out their love for Harry Potter because it didn’t suit the aesthetic they were trying to achieve, but in the end we were able to incorporate a golden snitch into their confetti inspired wedding. Anything goes! You are so unique, your love is unique, and it’s important to embrace that and share it to ensure the celebration is just as unique.

2. Translating Your Responses Into A Mood Board

You’ve shared your heart and I am so grateful. No joke, this is one of the biggest moments in your life and you’ve chosen me to be apart of that - I’m honoured and don’t take it lightly. If there is any visual inspiration that you’ve saved and love, this is the time I will also review that. From there, I search the internet high and low for 9 images that best represent who you are and the overall look we’re trying to achieve. These are strictly chosen for inspiration, not replication. If we did that, it would mean you’re copying someone else’s wedding instead of creating your own.


3. Your Personalized Proposal

This detailed document provides all the feels - your wedding is happening, you’re getting married, and the excitement cannot be contained. Beginning with a story, I want to take you through that day and what it’s going to feel like, because up until now it’s been about signing contracts and sending deposits. Can anyone say yawn? It’s time to bring the excitement back and make you laugh and/or cry. Funny goal, I know. Along with evoking emotion, it’s about explaining the meaning behind the pieces chosen and why they matter. A contracted graphic designer also creates custom sketches for each of our weddings, this eliminates any confusion as to what the pieces will look like together. Stephanie and Mitchell’s wedding was already extremely personal being that it was hosted on a property that had already been the setting for many of their memories together, so it wasn’t hard to personalize. Based on their request of “lots of flowers and lots of candles” we created a really timeless and beautiful design, while still allowing it to feel different by incorporating a variety of patterns and textures. Along with a budget breakdown and floor plan, we cover it all. It’s important to note that during this phase if something isn't resonating with you, let me know. The collaboration piece is huge in ensuring the day feels exactly like you :)


4. Securing Rental Items

Not as exciting, but necessary. The benefit to hiring a wedding planner is their KNOWLEDGE. My job is to know who has what, and at what price point. We’re often pulling items from a large variety of resources, but this ensures the wedding is anything but cookie cutter, and that you’re getting the best bang for your buck. Whether you have a large or small budget, you can rarely have it all, but at least we can make it so you can almost have it all, haha.

5. Execution

I’m sorry, but who wants to setup their wedding? Or ask friends and family to do it? Everyone should get to enjoy this day - it’s literally once in a lifetime! You can rest assured that the KEE team will take care of you. We’re up bright and early steaming linens, tying place cards to glassware, attaching cushions to their chairs, touching up florals, lighting candles, etc. It’s a busy day, but if possible I love bringing my couples into the reception area to see their space. There aren’t a lot of quiet moments during the day, but when you can find them and soak it all in, it just adds to the magic.


Photography: Jenna Hill Photography

As you most likely noticed, the ceremony did change from our original sketch. Unfortunately, one of the trees succumbed to flooding damage a couple months prior, so we had to implement a secondary design plan. In my opinion, it turned out even better!

I so hope you guys enjoyed this series. Let me know what other topics you’re curious about! This blog is meant to be used as an educational platform for YOU.