What’s The Difference?

Today, I want to talk to you about the difference between venue coordinators, day of coordinators, and both partial and full service wedding planners. All the listed roles are VERY different from one another, yet very few know what actually makes them different. And why would they? Accompanied by a new website, my goal is to blog more frequently while educating and inspiring you during the wedding planning process. So, let’s start with the basics.

venue coordinator

It’s best to think of the venue coordinator as a point of contact. Their level on involvement will vary, but ultimately their primary concern is the venue and its associated staff. For example, they may have a list of preferred vendors, but aren’t there to source an alternate company because your custom glassware didn’t show up - true story. If you still feel like it’s all you need, keep in mind that turnover is a possibility in this role. So, even if your venue coordinator was extremely helpful, someone new could easily step in. With that said, they’re still very much vital to a successful event.

day of coordinator

The term day of coordinator is inaccurate to say the least. My preference is event management or at least month of coordination. Typically, whomever you’ve hired will touch base with you 4+ weeks prior to your celebration to discuss the details you’ve put in place and ultimately execute the day - some include setup/breakdown services and others do not, so be sure to ask. It is your job to complete all the tasks prior to this time, then they will jump in to advise on anything that may have been missed, collaborate on a timeline, and ensure everything runs smoothly. Though KEE does not offer this service, it is recommended as a minimum investment so that you can enjoy your special day.

partial planner

A custom approach that requires an in depth discussion with your wedding planner. Maybe you’ve completed majority of the leg work up until six months prior, you’re feeling overwhelmed, and are looking for someone to take over. Or, you live out of town and would like someone to meet with vendors on your behalf. Each couple will require different circumstances and it’s important to establish a detailed list of what your tasks are versus what’s expected of the planner to prevent any confusion. Alternatively, some may also work on an hourly basis.

full service wedding planner

I had a past bride tell me that she never knew exactly what is involved when planning a wedding and couldn’t imagine doing it without a planner, and we truly are responsible for an almost endless list of tasks - my checklist includes 500+ items. Hiring someone to be there for you during the entire process makes it so much more enjoyable. From the very beginning, we are your advocate. It is our job to gain insight into who you are, suggest reputable vendors that fit with your style and budget, monitor the planning progress, attend meetings, create a personalized timeline, coordinate the day and everything in between. Since you are working together from day one, it’s important to look into the company and the face behind it. Do your values align? Are you attracted to work they’ve done in the past? Hop on the phone and make sure there is a connection. A full service wedding planner removes the logistical stress and replaces it with creative support, allowing you to continue to bask in the excitement of your engagement.

Still confused? Comment below! I’m happy to answer any questions.